Canada issues changes to Post Graduation Work Permit eligibility criteria

Changes to the requirements for international students to obtain a work permit after graduating have been announced by the Canadian government.

Eligibility criteria for obtaining a work permit after graduation

The government indicated that students who begin study programs at private colleges in Canada that offer licensed curricula on or after September 1, 2024 will not be eligible for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP).

The government has also confirmed that each province and territory will also have a cap on the number of new international students enrolled in undergraduate programmes.

50% reduction for approval of study permits

Sharper declines in their study permit allocations are also expected. For example, in Ontario, a 50% decrease in study permit approval is expected.

Several reports indicate that approximately 360,000 new study permits are scheduled to be issued to international students in 2024, a 35 percent decrease compared to 2023. The cap for 2025 will be determined at the end of the year.

Granting students who have completed master’s programs work permits

Students who complete master's programs in Canada will soon be awarded three-year PGWPs.

Changes to open work permit eligibility for spouses

Spouses of international students enrolled in master's, doctoral and professional programs will also be eligible for open work permits

Cost of living for international students

It is noteworthy that the Canadian government has decided to amend the cost of living requirements for international students in Canada, and students will need to prove that they have an income of at least 20,635 US dollars to cover living expenses.

The previous cost of living for foreign students in Canada was up to $10,000 USD, but it should be noted that this requirement is different for students moving to Quebec.

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