Pakistani Flight Attendant Vanishes in Canada, Second Incident Weekly

A Pakistani flight attendant, Jibran Baloch, serving on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-782, disappeared upon the aircraft's landing in Toronto, Canada, as reported on Friday.

This incident occurred just a week after another cabin crew member of the same airline allegedly vanished, purportedly with the intention of obtaining Canadian citizenship.

Despite performing his duties on the outbound flight, Baloch failed to report for duty on the return leg. Upon discovering his absence, PIA personnel conducted a search of his hotel room, confirming his departure. A spokesperson for PIA acknowledged the incident, expressing frustration at the continued challenge of preventing such occurrences in North America.

Efforts by PIA, such as requiring flight crews to surrender their passports upon arrival, have proven ineffective in curbing these incidents. Sources within the airline suggested that Baloch's disappearance was motivated by a desire to pursue citizenship in Canada.

This recent event follows a similar case involving cabin crew member Maryam Raza, who also failed to report for duty after arriving in Toronto on a PIA flight from Islamabad earlier in the week. Raza's uniform was discovered in her hotel room, accompanied by a note expressing gratitude to PIA. According to the airline's spokesperson, Raza's case marks the second instance of such a disappearance this year, bringing the total number of PIA flight crew members vanishing upon arrival in Canada to three.

This pattern of flight crew members absconding upon reaching Canadian soil is not new. Last year, four instances were recorded, adding to the ongoing challenges faced by PIA in managing its personnel. Despite the airline's efforts to address this issue, including increased vigilance and security measures, the recurrence of such incidents underscores the complexity of the situation and the underlying motivations driving these actions.

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