Urgent.. Details of the accident of the ill-fated plane that deviated and fell into the sea

On Monday afternoon, Hawaii time, a massive United States Navy aircraft went off the runway at the Marine Corps base in the Hawaiian archipelago, which is located in the Pacific Ocean. The jet then crashed into the shallow waters of Kaneohe Bay, which is located in the Hawaiian state of Hawaii.

According to the information that was disclosed by the website known as "Hawaii News Now," the accident took place at roughly 1:57 p.m., when the Boeing P-8 Poseidon military plane was attempting to land. However, it veered off the runway and ended up in shallow waters off the coast of Hawaii.

Following the crash, the plane was observed to be half buried in water that was quite shallow, as demonstrated in video footage that was shared on Twitter.

There were nine individuals on board the plane, and all of them arrived at the shore without becoming injured, according to the authorities who confirmed this information.

The crew was reportedly engaged in "routine training" at the time, according to sources from the military.

According to the description, the Boeing P-8 Poseidon is a military aircraft that is used for surveillance and patrol.

According to Peter Foreman, a specialist in aircraft, the runway at Kaneohe was shorter, and it is possible that the adverse weather conditions and winds also played a factor.

"It's possible that the pilot didn't land the plane exactly where he wanted it on the runway," According to Foreman. "It's likely a combination of all of those factors combined."

It was claimed by the news website that the inquiry into the incident is still ongoing.

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